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About Bill

Bill is a retired Emmy award-winning Journalist with more than 40 years in the business.

He has covered everything from plane crashes to multiple homicides, avalanches, and whole mountain mudslides. You name it, he's seen it, experienced it, smelled it, and lived it.

Forty years ago while he was still in school he wrote his first novel, then called "The Beast." 

In retirement and at the strong request from his wife he rewrote it and it became "Blood Mountain."

He always had an interest in the paranormal and things we can't explain, yet.

While he was still a news anchorman, every year he did a series of ghost stories for his station, and the video, the EVP, and the proof they found was extraordinary and is still shared on many national programs.

As he embarked on this second career he wanted to write about the marginalized, the forgotten, and the different ways to look at religious beliefs in the world and how to bring them all together.

His novels reflect that. 

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things as you will read.

Now he is driven to find new adventures and challenges for his readers and writes virtually every day.

His friends and readers hope you enjoy what you see and that you realize we all have value and meaning. 

We are all exceptional and one of a kind.

His writing reflects that.


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