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Bill Brown

     Jackson Parker was hit twice by lightning within a minute. When he should have been dead, he emerged stronger than he had ever felt. However, he was able to touch a person and see their past, present, and some of their future.


    This led to his being called to battle an international conspiracy of evil that had tried to claim his wife, Sandi, and consume the world.


  There were Angels, and there were demons, but he was able to prevail…for now. Lightning does have its ways…


   In this sequel to the riveting "Lightning," evil is again on the attack, and Jack is back, but this time he has unexpected help. Another human, one of the promised ones, comes from nowhere to find her own gifts.

    And the Archangel Michael is helping too, but with an ominous warning. This is Mankind's last chance. The slate is about to be wiped clean...

     Rousing action from world capitals to a final deadly Angel-Demon showdown on the roof of the White House. This is Deathwell!



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