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"I laughed and I cried with the characters. This is definitely my favorite!"
Marcy L. Avid Reader.

It's all true.

They're here.

Now mankind hangs in the balance!

Do you wonder how the Great Pyramids were built?

What's in Area 51?

Are there really black helicopters and men in black?

What is it like to ride in an interstellar spacecraft?

In 1957 according to the files of Project Bluebook, a UFO 

entered American airspace over Oneida, New York, and was tracked all the way with interception attempts until it supposedly blew up over central Nevada.

What if it didn't?

What if it simply disappeared and waited for a time to conquer the world?

And why is there another Alien tracking the first one, trying to decide if we are worth saving?

Lots of action, humor, and people who learn how to love again in "The Alien."


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