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"Move over Dean Koontz. You too Stephen King!"
Janice Oberding, Author

More than a thousand years ago in what is now central Nevada, Native American tribes banded together to fight a race of cannibalistic red-haired giants. They thought they had killed them all. In 1900 the bones of the giants were discovered in a mining operation at the Lovelock Cave. That much is known with the bones residing at the Smithsonian. But what if they didn't get them all?

Fast forward to a small community called Norlake near LakeTahoe and the famed Desolation Wilderness.

Someone or something is killing and partially devouring the locals.

A local sheriff's deputy has to work with an ultra-secret government team to find and destroy whatever is out there.

But will they be in time to avoid more grisly killings?

Spellbinding action and characters that will draw you in and hold you are the hallmarks of "Blood Mountain."

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