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A Walk In The Twilight.

6 stories of the unknown.
Will you Walk in the Twilight?



An American destroyer is in the North Atlantic hunting enemies. Instead, they are being hunted by something far more deadly.


“Devils Lake”

Two young couples want a picture of a lake that’s incredibly beautiful. But something else comes out of the lake, and It’s not human.


“The Lady in the Lights”

A man gives a woman a ride late at night. She disappears into a cemetery. The next day he finds the truth and why a town has been terrorized for years.


“The Woods”

A down on their luck family is forced to move to a dilapidated house bordering haunted woods. They find the spirit of a little girl being held by an evil force and have to figure out how to set her free.


“The Windwalker”

A man finds himself on a hot back road. He doesn’t know who he is or how he got there. But he knows his purpose is to help others fight evil.


“The War at the Edge of the World”

A young man finds he has a Guardian Angel who has saved his life more than once. Then he finds out why.

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